Review Alert Lets cut to the chase. This site has a video of Chuck Marshall saying he makes Forty Thousand Dollars Monthly and has been doing it month after month for the last six years. the website shows no proof of his comments. In fact if you click the earnings disclaimer link on website it says: “ANY EARNINGS OR INCOME STATEMENTS, OR EARNINGS OR INCOME EXAMPLES, ARE ONLY ESTIMATES OF WHAT WE THINK YOU COULD EARN. THERE IS NO ASSURANCE YOU’LL DO AS WELL. IF YOU RELY UPON OUR FIGURES, YOU MUST ACCEPT THE RISK OF NOT DOING AS WELL.” There are documented complaints … here’s one:

“I got the magazine in the mail I looked through it. I started checking out some of the businesses. Most of them are scams. I found I looked it over. I clicked on the pay part and noticed that the refund was only given if you wrote to the address provided. It was in Corbin Ky on Buckhead Loop. There is no road in Corbin named that I tried map quest and yahoo maps. I am from Corbin KY born and raised there my family still lives there. I email the guy and he sent me a email back that he was going to try another company that was better. He did not say it was a scam but did give me another website for a business to checkout.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Is a scam? I can’t say but I would be interested in any comments regarding your experience with

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