ExtremeCashDaily.com Review Alert

ExtremeCashDaily.com Our mission is to give you a honest ethical review of home business opportunity and online business opportunities. “Extreme-Cash-Daily” we want to be your “Due Diligence” to help you make the right decision. With that said, lets get to it!

ExtremeCashDaily.com from what I’ve read appears to be Cash Gifting if you’re not aware of this term “Cash Gifting” google it. This type business raises RED FLAGS … 1st of all there’s No Product and I will not recommend sending a bunch of actual hundred dollar bills to some stranger you don’t know in an envelope … are you kidding me.

My opinion any business one gets involved with you should have a “Product” and you should be able to use ones credit card … just in case you need protection from a bad deal. If you’re seriously looking at ExtremeCashDaily.com go to www.mlmwatchdog.com and read up on “Cash Gifting” . This is OK for some and not for others.

Is ExtremeCashDaily.com good – bad – or UGLY? I can’t say but I would be interested in any comments regarding your experience with ExtremeCashDaily.com?

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